3D Audio in the Cloud

Listen to Any Audio in 3D

You Won't Believe Your Ears!

ARIA-3D Chrome Extension

3D Audio for ANY Website!

The ARIA-3D Chrome Extension transforms regular stereo to 3D Virtual Sounds surrounding You, by processing ANY Audio from ANY Website.

ARIA-3D Web Player

The next generation of 3D-Audio Media Player, Online!

Aria-3D Media Player is the next generation of 3D-Audio media player, online! Fully fledged HTML5 Media Player, within your browser, for your music and movies. 3D-Audio for both Headphones and Speakers is supported.

ARIA Speakers-3D

Position yourself in the middle of your two speakers and enjoy the ARIA-3D Sound!

No need for home cinema / home theater with multiple speakers any more!

You will hear sounds surrounding you, far away from the two speakers... You Won't Believe Your Ears!

ARIA Headphones-3D

Wear your headphones, choose your virtual space and travel to another dimension with the ARIA-3D Sound!

You will hear sounds surrounding you, arriving from all directions... You Won't Believe Your Ears!

A Primer on 3D-Sound & 3D-Audio

If you have never heard anything about or in 3D-Audio / 3D-Sound, then this article is for you.

3D-Audio is simple! Go ahead and read the introductory article on our blog.