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Latest news for Aria-3D products
and valuable resources related to 3D-Audio.
A Primer on HRTF and Binaural Technology

An gentle introduction to the basic concepts of Binaural Technology used in Spatial / 3D Audio Systems.

Spatial / 3D Audio within the Browser

The technical details of ARIA-3D Web Media Player and the related conference paper and presentation.

A Primer on 3D-Sound & 3D-Audio

An introduction to 3D-Sound & 3D-Audio outlining the basic principles.

Web Audio API in 4½ Figures

An overview of Web Audio API in 4½ useful visualizations.

3D Audio with ARIA-3D,
the Successor of AMPHIOTIK

AMPHIOTIK is the predecessor of ARIA-3D. It is a 3D-Audio Engine started developing back in the early 2000s.

Some (old) thoughts on the
Precedence Effect

Some ideas about the Precedence Effect and the echo thresholds of early reflections, for simultaneous and isolated auditory streams.

An Introduction to Binaural Technology

Introduction to Binaural Technology

The Sweet Spot
for ARIA Speakers-3D

The goal of the guide presented here is to help you find the focal point between your two speakers, the so-called sweet spot, where 3D Audio experience is maximized.

Novel Binaural and Transaural Rendering
within the Browser

Investigating the possibilities of Binaural and Transaural (Crosstalk Cancellation) 3D Audio within the Browser, employing Web Audio API, HTML5 and server-side technologies.